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Around Cusco

Cusco that you visit is the climax of traveling in Peru. Make sure to foresee enough days to see the city and its surroundings. In and around the city there is so much to see that one needs at least 4-5 days to see the minimum. A tour of the city usually includes some of the majestic churches and cathedrals (especially the Cathedral and the Company in the Plaza El Armas) and the palace of Inca Garcilaso de la Vega converted to the museum of the history of Cusco and some other places in Peru. the stone with the 12 corners These buildings can be visited with or without a guide but everyone needs to get a BTG (a tourist ticket that gives access to the most important tourist building in Cusco and 8 ruins outside the city, including the sacred valley) . The USS 10 BTG costs and half the price for the student (do not forget your student card of course). To visit the sacred valley, better get a day ticket at one of the many agencies in and around the Plaza de Armas. Most agencies work in a pool, so it really does not matter where you are going. Prices are between S./12 and S./25. On the right side you can see the famous stone with the 12 corners in the palace of the Inca Roca. Meanwhile, two individuals are older than the stone and can say everything about it. You can enjoy the comfortable hotels in Cusco will be an unforgettable trip! the fortress of the Incas Sacsayhuamán a little distance from the Plaza de Armas Cusco has excellent nightlife and many publications and discs offer free tickets in the plaza el Armas, usually from 8pm until 11pm. In the evening, the square changes into a market where they sell clothes, souvenirs and the typical artisan. Everyone should do a sunset walk in and around the center of Cusco. The Avenida EL solenoid is one of the main boulevards. The most important banks, the impressive palace of justice and a block foment the Saint that Dominic (see the picture above) is on this avenue. This church is also known as the Q’oricancha (“gold walls”). It’s where the Inti Raymi festival starts every year on June 24. This was the beginning of a new solar year according to the calender of the Incas.
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