This magnificent and strategically Archaeological Complex called Huchuy Qosco or “Small Cusco”, was known in the Inca times with the name of Caquia Xaquixahuana and according to the chroniclers it was inhabited by the Inca Wiracocha until his death.


From Huchuy Qosco you have a spectacular view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the mountains of the Urubamba Mountain Range.

This beautiful and short circuit located very close to the city of Cusco gives us the possibility of observing tourist attractions, Andean landscapes, fauna and flora typical of the Area.

Huchuy Qosqo is an all-day hike recommended for people who like to walk a lot. Enjoy the nature, the landscapes, you can also see alpacas, llamas, birds and an interesting vegetation and know more how the people of the mountains live without the presence of many people and it is definitely recommended as acclimatization to make other walks as strong as Inca road.

DAILY DEPARTURES !!! This is easily the shortest of the treks and is best suited for those with a limited amount of time, but who would still like to do a bit of trekking before they see Machu Picchu. It is the lowest in altitude (4350 meters) of the 3 alternative treks and also the shortest in distance (17 kilometers) but still sees some great examples of Inca Stairs and other Inca ruins along the way. As there are only 2 days of trekking, you will only camp for one night. This trek is also available in 1 or 2 Day versions as well (without Machu Picchu). It is ideal for those passengers who really want to be far in the middle of nowhere with only nature surrounding them as they camp in an area that is scarcely seen by tourists. Huchuy Qosqo (small Cusco) is situated above the Valley of Urubamba and offers very spectacular views over the mountain range Cordillera de Vilcanota.

This trek is also a great way for you to enjoy a shorter trek (with Inca stairs that are better than the Inca Trail). You will have one night camping in the wilderness and then the next day after 2 and a half hours you will reach to this ceremonial Inca sanctuary named as  The small Cusco time to explore and have a guided tour and after lunch you walk for 3 hours then we start our return back to Cusco by a private vehicle.

  • Modality: Adventure, landscape, Cultural and Archaeological
  • Departure days : Daily departures
  • Period: from March to November
  • Travel duration : 1 Day
  • Accommodation:
  • Group size: Minimum 2 people
  • Maximum height: 4 300 mt
  • Difficulty: Moderate